klio image

klio image

Manage a job’s Docker image.

klio image [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...


Build the Docker worker image.

klio image build [OPTIONS]


--image-tag <image_tag>

Docker image tag to use

-O, --override <override>

Override a config value, in the form key=value.

-T, --template <template>

Set the value of a config template parameter, in the form key=value. Any instance of ${key} in klio-job.yaml will be replaced with value.

-j, --job-dir <job_dir>

Job directory where the job’s Dockerfile is located. Defaults current working directory.

-c, --config-file <config_file>

Path to config filename. If PATH is not absolute, it will be treated relative to --job-dir. Defaults to klio-job.yaml.